Kalkan is a small, peaceful Mediterranean resort on the beautiful Turquoise Coast of Turkey. More sophisticated than many resorts, Kalkan has been little touched by mass tourism, and is special: everyone who has visited it says so, and many return time and time again. There is a vibrant ex-pat community.

The town overlooks a beautiful bay, and the sea shimmers. Narrow streets twist down to the harbour, and are lined with whitewashed villas with shuttered windows, alongside small local speciality shops and restaurants.

Unlike other Turkish coastal resort towns, Kalkan’s main economy is tourism and therefore its people put much pride and effort into looking after visitors. The people of Kalkan happily welcome you, and you may at first be surprised by the universal friendliness within the town. We have found it absolutely genuine.

Good dining has always been the way of life in Kalkan and it is said to have the highest number of restaurants and bars per square metre on the Turkish coast. Its numerous roof-top terrace restaurants and bars offer a wonderful view of the town, the sea and the stars. Kalkan is a small town of only a few thousand, and this creates a wonderful intimate feeling. You will not be hassled while you shop, and with the shops, bars and cafes staying open until late you have every opportunity to enjoy the town.

Villa Akkaya looks down on the town and on the bay, close enough to enjoy but far enough for peace and privacy. We have tried to equip the villa fully and we are confident that if you choose to visit Akkaya and Kalkan you will have a wonderful holiday.


Villa Location

Villa Akkaya, Baris Caddesi, Ortaalan, Kalkan OA6 S6, Kas, Antalya

The Surrounding Area


The Lycian Coast

‘The Turquoise Coast’ – stretching from Fethiye to Antalya is dominated by the Taurus mountains.  The coast is famed for its beauty – bays and beaches, islands, archaeological sites and funeral monuments (Lycian tombs) in abundance, carved into the cliff face or perched on rocky crags. Walk the Lycian Way (a waymarked long-distance footpath); cruise along the coast in a gulet; or drive along , enjoy its scenery and visit the sites.

To the West of Kalkan

A hill top city, former capital of Lycia: an extensive site surrounding a well preserved Roman theatre, the ‘Harpy Tomb’, a Byzantine Basilica with floor mosaics, and many tombs dotted around the hillside.

The Letoon
Low lying, originally the area’s religious centre and oracle, with temples, nympheum, church and theatre.

Patara Beach
Best known for its eighteen kilometre long, white sand beach which is a turtle breeding ground, Patara was the original port for Xanthos and is now an archaeological site at its eastern end, with some parts standing proud and others peeking out of the sand dunes, still being excavated.

A more remote site, a vast acropolis and wall tombs, and wonderful views over the valley. Nearby is Tlos, the most ancient of Lycian cities with its necropolis and the Tomb of Bellerophon.

Saklikent gorge
A dramatic gorge inland from Xanthos. Walk past trout restaurants on stilts at the base of the cliffs, then take the 150 metre walkway through the mouth of the gorge to the gushing springs, coming right out of solid rock. From there, wade up the river bed, initially waist deep but soon up to only the ankles or thighs for a good part of the chasm. The more intrepid can clamber over fallen boulders and walk on to reach the waterfalls – definitely worth the effort.

But go prepared with swimwear to get wet, with appropriate thick-soled footwear if you have it (although you can hire suitable shoes there), and take a waterproof container for your mobile phone or camera.

Olu Deniz
Probably the most photographed spot in Turkey, a breath-taking azure lagoon with long sand spit and acres of beach. Water sports are available, including paragliding from the cliff-tops. Just ten km from the old town and harbour of Fethiye which is well worth a visit in its own right, for the old quarter, the harbour, the weekly market and the coastline beyond.

In a corner of the Gulf of Fethiye, now a major centre to pick up a gulet trip for a few days down the indented coastline.


To the East of Kalkan

Kas is ‘a must’ to visit – if only for the stunning drive round the coast at sea level – just forty minutes from Kalkan by car, taxi or dolmus. Old cobbled streets with over-hanging balconies and lots of lovely shops to browse, a bustling yacht harbour, a marina, its own small Roman theatre and well-photographed Lycian sarcophagus. At the nearby Limangazi beach, full water sports, a diving centre and paragliding from the clifftops. Also, daily boat trips to the sunken city of Kekova and to the Greek island of Kastellorizo (Meis in Turkish).

Drive inland from Kalkan to the trout farms of Islamlar for lunch, and up to the plain of Bezirgan. Driving slowly round the twisty lanes will take you back to a farming style almost of Thomas Hardy times, or you can organise horse-riding treks around the area.

An easily visited site with dramatic theatre and tombs, plus the old Christian church of Saint Niklaus (the birthplace of Santa Claus in fact)

A ‘hidden’ hillside city with breathtaking views: ruins of the old city baths, gymnasium, acropolis and basilica.

The old city with its floodlit walls and harbour sit beside the international boutiques. Antalya is an alternative airport to Dalaman for out of season flights to the area.

Further round the coast where you may wish to stay overnight to visit are Aspendos with the best preserved theatre in Asia Minor, which in June/July each year houses the Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival, Perge and Side, great seaside sites with well preserved and easily visited ruins.

Further afield, and definitely a several day excursion are Ephesus and Priene, the hot salt springs of Pamukkale (which means ‘cotton castle’ in Turkish), the moonlike scape of Cappadocia or you could come to Kalkan via a stop-over in Istanbul



Local Facilities

Local Facilities

Beaches – Kalkan itself has a pebble beach close to the town centre, used by locals and visitors alike, while nearby Patara and Kaputas are close enough for even a half-day outing. Patara is famed for its fine white sand stretching for eighteen kilometres. It closes at sunset and is home to nesting turtles in season: about 15 minutes drive from Kalkan, with a regular dolmus service. The beach at the base of Kaputas gorge is closer, and is a favourite – but there are about 150 steps to take you down (and up again) from the road. Or you can visit it by sea ferry from Kalkan harbour.
There are beach clubs locally where you can swim, sunbathe and take part in other activities.  As these change from season to season it’s best to check locally what is available

Locally based Gulets (derived from traditional fishing and cargo vessels into custom-built cruising yachts) offer day-long trips to other bays for swimming and snorkelling, with lunch and drinks on board. Join a trip as a couple, or organise your own boatful if you can put together your own party and discuss with the captain where you want to go. Midnight outings are good fun! You can also organise longer cruises, under motor or sail, locally or from Gocek.

There are diving schools in Kalkan and in Kas but we recommend you check what is available locally when you arrive.  The area around is wonderful for scuba, down to reefs, caves and wrecks. For the less adventurous, even just Snorkelling from a daily gulet trip can give some wonderful glimpses of underwater life.

Turkish baths, massage, saunas and beauty salons are available. Again, it’s best to check what is available locally when you arrive. Local barbers can provide a shave and/or haircut.

The Thursday Market in Kalkan is a must for most visitors, with amazing bargains to haggle for. Table cloths and bedspreads at great prices, shirts, Tshirts, shoes and trousers in abundance. But this is not just for tourists: the locals also use the market throughout the year, for all kinds of produce and household supplies, so it is ‘the real thing’. There are also markets in Fethiye on Tuesdays, Yesilkoy on Wednesdays, and Kas on Fridays.

Dolmus services – a local shared taxi concept – go from the Bus Station on the market road to all parts at very reasonable prices and pretty regular frequencies, and can be picked up on the roadside with a wave. There are particularly good services to Kas (stopping at Kaputas for the beach there), Fethiye and Patara beaches.

Local tours offer an increasing variety of outings if you do not wish to do it alone, to Saklikent, to all the ancient sites, and in to the mountains to local villages or out to sea round the coast to the islands or the likes of Kekova. Travel by minibus or open-top jeep, to suit all tastes. Longer distance coaches can be boarded at Kalkan for trips further afield

Services to help you

Services to help you

There are a number of companies offering transfers and car hire services. We use Brave Tours in Kalkan/Dalaman but there are several who offer similar services. If you wish to arrange to have a car for a few days during your stay it’s safer to pre-book this in the high season. Details of firms providing transfers/car hire are provided on the Links page. If you need help or advice with bookings please let us know.

You can also arrange to drive yourself from the airport should you wish – there is a link to directions on the website. If driving yourself there is a charge for using the tunnel between Dalaman and Gocek, last known cost was 4.50 Turkish Lira and, depending on where your hire car is parked at Dalaman Airport, you may need to pay to exit the car park. Make sure you have the entry parking ticket before you set off.

Local taxis
Are available to take you up to the villa – and with a phone call they will come and collect you to take you in to town. They are available for longer trips but you may find the dolmus cheaper and more fun. The taxis park in the centre of Kalkan near the second roundabout.

Banking and Changing money
There are several banks in Kalkan and all have ATMs. The post office in Kalkan also changes money as do other money-changers.

Visas, and at the Airport
EU passport holders (including each baby/child) need a visa to enter Turkey which must be obtained online before you arrive. Make sure to use the official website as there are a lot of scam sites. The visa is valid for six months and multiple entries in that period.

Are available from all parts of the UK to Dalaman, which is about 1.5 hours drive away from Kalkan. Flights are also available to Antalya which is three hours drive away and via Istanbul. See Links for some internet sites we use for flights. We can help further if required.

It is easy to land in the middle of nowhere in a strange country you do not know, so here is some idea of where Kalkan is located.  To the west, Dalaman airport about 1.5 hours drive; Fethiye – about 1 hour; Xanthos and Patara beach – about 15 minutes.  To the east,  Kas about 40 minutes drive, Antalya about 3-3.5 hours.

We reproduce here what the holiday brochures will tell you as a guide to the weather in southern Turkey. As a guide, you may need a light jacket if walking around or eating outside before sun up or in the evening in April, May and October.


daytime temp.
sea temp.
Average hours
of sunshine
April 71F 22 C 62F 17 C 8
May 75F 24 C 65F 18 C 9
June 80F 27 C 70F 21 C 12
July 90F 32 C 75 F 24 C 13
August 90F 32 C 77F 25 C 12
September 83F 28 C 74F 23 C 10
October 77F 25 C 70F 21 C 8


Sleeps up to 6: 4 bedrooms & 2 en-suites

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Secluded location with stunning views

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Open plan living area & shady seating area

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3 shower rooms with ground floor cloakroom

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Private swimming pool, garden & patio

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Air conditioning & insect screens

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